Monday, 27 February 2012

Man Who Sleeps With Goats! (called James L Clark)

I dreamed that I went to another place. It was full of teenagers and fruitcakes...

There was a goat in front of me, it said, "My naaaame is Jaaaames L. Claaaaark. And I have a very little winkie."

"I also design stupid sunglasses, which I have had to copy off cleverer people," said the goat, James L Clark.

As he went off to fuck a badger.

"And I'm actually the reincarnation of Walter Mitty, sorry, erm, I mean Buddha!" said a jubilant James L. Clark, (recently voted cunt of the year, by the entire world.)

And then I woke up, folks, and realised that I had not been dreaming!


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