Sunday, 5 February 2012


And so,

This is what got me banned from the Genii Forum, (the beauty's name was Steven Youell):

" Now, you little as*wipe, you choice piece of sh*t, you excuse for a godd*m life, I'll hound you into c*nting hell, you b*stard."

And so it went on, although perhaps a tad less polite. Let me tell you that the guy has NO TALENT WHATSOEVER AS AN ENTERTAINER!!!

No, he survives on bullshit. For instance, he invented a man called "Harry Lorayne",

WHICH SOUNDS A LITTLE LIKE MY NAME, and starts posting as him on the Genii Forum. Next thing I know, he [Harry Lorayne] is enacting some horrific and grotesque parody of myself, which is TOTALLY UNNACCEPTABLE!!! Next he gets banned and I'm left with the miasma of unpleasantness.

Believe me, I would have been all over this earlier, only I had pressing matters to deal with regarding my protege, David Penn.

But more of that next time, folks!


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