Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Q & A with Dicky Kaufman!

Q: Hi Dicky, I'm wondering if the latest copy of Genii finally lays to rest the question 'who was Erdnase?'. I feel you really nailed it, and I'm looking forward to getting some sleep for the first time in 47 years.

R.S. Licker

A: The name is Richard. Richard Kaufman. Yes. We have, as you put it, 'nailed' who Erdnase was. I think the copy was fairly self explanatory. Next?

Q: Dicky, isn't there still some element of doubt as to the real identity of this maverick author and cardician?

A. N. Other

A: 'Cardician' was a term coined after the death of 'Erdnase'. I despise you. Fool. Next?

Q: Isn't this just sham academia masquerading as a real historical endeavour?

E. Gibbon

A: First, you should realise who you are talking to on this forum [sic]. The evidence was clearly and concisely laid out, in well punctuated and grammatical syntax. Need I say more? Next?

Q: Isn't this just a case of trying to drum up more business for a weak publication, already failing due to falling readership, ever increasing internet access and poor management?

J. Swift

A: J. Swift has been banned for further notice. Next?

You are so wonderful, Richard. Thank you for all your contributions to my hobby!! This Erdnase thing was so fascinating, I really thank you for such a wonderful and educative edition.

F. Elcher

A: F. Elcher has become a moderator. The Q & A is now closed.


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