Friday, 5 August 2011

David Berglas vs. Mark Lewis

Hi Folks,

Well it's time to adjudicate on a couple of old-timers. David Berglas: a little known performer, with terrible dress sense and a "face for radio", and the great Mark Lewis: a world renowned entertainer.

Mark is down on record as having been less than impressed with David's "The Berglas Effect", which I'm told is some lame-ass ACAAN routine which relies on 'improvisation'. Mark has admitted to having solved Dai Vernon's (actually MINE) The Trick That Cannot Be Explained, in terms of cutting out any element of chance. He says that he could do the same thing with David's little known effect, if he could be bothered! 

Full marks to Mark, for not being bothered!!! 

Both routines, ACTUALLY, are MY routines. I developed my improvised ACAAN routine in 1927, the year BEFORE David Berglas was born. But I never use it. It's too easy. I prefer to use a solid, predictable method, that I never have to think about.

Mark's record is legendary, to say the least. A modest, unassuming guy, he has always led the field in advanced magic. First a seller of the revolutionary Svengali Deck, then a performer for children. He even once performed for a member of the British Royal Family! At a boys club. When he was a teenager.

Mark then emigrated to Canada. They like him there.

David, meanwhile, continued to do low profile hack work in Europe, America, Asia, The Far East, The Near East, Africa, Australasia and Scandinavia. 

You begin to see my point? 

Whereas Mark might be compared to a wonderful 2nd violinist for the Cardiff Symphony Orchestra, poor David may just as well be some no talent Jazz schmuck like Charlie Parker, or John Coltrane. (No-talent motherfuckers, both of 'em.) 



  1. Way to go, Barry. We love Mark here in Canada!!!!

    (Nous aimons le grand Mark!)

  2. I think we have something in common, Mr Fukker, for we still love Mark in the valleys.

    Mr S. Shaggre

  3. Barry.... Does this mean.... you still... have time... for..... me?

  4. Relax Richy. Just swallow, in future. Don't spit.


  5. But wozzn't David Beerglass ment to be sum sort of like master magi?! I thourt Mark Lewis was a childrins entrtayner? Or something??