Friday, 15 July 2011

The OFFICIAL Aid to News International? ME!!!

Hi Folks!

It's a merry Barry who greets you today! Why? Because I'm the King of the Hill, baby!

Oh, yeah, you're talking to the newest advisor to... well, professional boundaries being what they are, let's say... the Burdochs?

Rupert Burdoch said to me,

"Barry, I need to be able to remember exactly what I don't know, and forget exactly what I do know! Any advice?"

"Rupey baby! Using my tried and tested memory confusion method, you'll be good to go up in front of any committee. Remember, Rupe, they're BRITISH!!! No teeth," I hissed.

"Teach me now," said Rupert.

"That'll be $750,000 down."

I said.


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