Tuesday, 28 June 2011

ACR - A Solayme Classic

Many people ask me, "Barry, what's your single greatest achievement in the world of magic?"

Well folks, that really is an IMPOSSIBLE question!!! There have been so many, you see. But I thought I'd make an occasional feature of some classic gems that I've contributed to the world of magic over the many years of creating miracles. So, if you see a post with 'A Solayme Classic' in the title, be sure to PAY ATTENTION!!!

Here goes with Barry Solayme's Ambitious Card Routine (ACR), first published by yours truly in Armageddon, back in the day. I don't remember the exact date: Richard?!

   First off, I get the spectator to shuffle the pack. Then ask him to deal it into 26 piles, with two cards in each pile. Next, ask the spectator to choose a pile. Eliminate that pile, asking him to choose again. Continue doing this until there is only one pile left. Now the spectator must choose between the two remaining cards. Whichever card is left becomes 'The Ambitious Card'! Some folks like the spectator to sign the card, but I find that adds little to the impact.

   The second phase involves some difficult slights, so lesser magicians may wish to skip to the next phase. First, ask the spectator to replace the the card to the top, then over-hand shuffle the selection to the bottom. Now over-hand shuffle it back to the top and ask the spectator to remove the top card - this will blow them away, because it is, of course, their selection!!!

   For the third phase, have the card replaced back on top. If you know a false cut then now is the time to use it! If not, then palm off the top card, hand the deck to the spectator and have them shuffle it. Now ask them to check the top card, NOT their selection, and take back the pack, secretly replacing their selection to the top. Now, after an appropriate magical gesture, show them the top card - THIS WILL KNOCK THEIR SOCKS OFF!!!!

   Finally, using the 'Solayme Tilt' (Armageddon 1948), position the selection 2nd from top. Now show the top and bottom card. Place the top card roughly into the center of the pack saying, "Let's burn that card". Then, after a magical gesture, show them for the final time that their selection has come to the top!!! This gets me a standing ovation from family and friends alike!!!

Enjoy, and keep practicing!!!



  1. That's beautiful Barry. It's a shame that others don't see the importance of shuffling and cutting in an ACR! Shame on them.

  2. I know, Richy, I know. As I once said to Dorothy Parker, you can lead a horse to culture but you can't help it read!!! Of course she used it herself later on, but it lost the original wit and subtelty!!


  3. I thought u shudnt do cuts and shuffle and taht sort of thing in AC routines?! I thought it should be more passes ect ect. maybe with an erdnase change? and that bent up double pop up ending like on the Ellusionist dvd?

    No disrespec to you barry, i'm still learning.

  4. Listen kid. Okay, you're probably a beginner, and I admire your guts for posting on my blog, but check your spelling next time. And NO, ACR SHOULD HAVE PLENTY OF SHUFFLES AND CUTS AS IT ADDS TO THE EFFECT!!! Jeez, some of these kids today. What a douchebag.

    Get back to me when you learn to spell, kid, and better still, buy some of my books!!! You WON'T regret it!

    Kind Regards,


  5. I hope this spelling is better as my mom has checked it over. I tried the ACR just like you said and my friends could tell how it was done :-(

    I know I'm not as expierenced as you are, but they all preferred the version I learned off the Brad Christian DVD. Plus they didn't really want to do all that shuffling and dealing at the beginning.

    Am I doing it wrong?

  6. Listen you little punk and TAKE A GODDAM HINT FROM A PRO!! I was doing my ACR before you were a glint in the mailman's eye, and speaking of which, your Mom can't spell either, it's "EXPERIENCED". I guess her only EXPERIENCE is turning tricks for crack and YOU ARE THE RESULT!!!

    Sure, you little jerk, do your ACR with the GODDAM MASCARA ON, then you and your little pals can beat off to some phoney wise-ass crap from "Ellusionist" (it's ILLUSIONIST by the way).

    Don't post any more of your comments on my pages. I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE!!!