Thursday, 19 July 2012

What's Good for the Goat is Gold for the Goose

Well Folks,

I've been besieged by hate. Assailed by ignorance. I've been wilfully misunderstood, and all in the name of transparency. Meanwhile, Tricky Dicky turns his "classic pass" eye to the internet denigration of a magic legend, and some English schmuck defecates all over my reputation?


The summit of this guy's output is a BLUE RIP-OFF, OF OFF A BLUE RIP-OFF ARTIST!

Big friggin' whoop-di-doo-dah-day.

Any excuse will do to mention that he works in the "adult industry". But a brief perusal of his work in magic will quickly demonstrate A LAMENTABLE LACK OF ANY PERCEIVABLE SKILL TO BACK UP YOUR PONY, FUCKING CUNTISH, ATTITUDE TO PEOPLE WHO HAVE EXCELLED IN WHAT YOU ONLY DREAM OF DOING, WHILE YOU PAY FOR A GODDAM BLOW-JOB FROM SOME FLY-BLOWN BINT.

The magic world does not rejoice in you baiting me. It weeps. For Big Dick Kaufman, and his many demons.


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