Thursday, 6 September 2012


Well Folks,

                  "Ask not for whom the bell tolls,
                    It tolls for thee, Barry Solayme!"

Thus spoke the famous novelist, William Shakespeare.

There's a new, FAKE kid in town, calling himself "LARRY HORAYNE". He's pretending to be Yours Truly, but really he is JUST SO MUCH JISM OFF MY THROBBING, LEAKING COCK ALREADY!!!

Alright, the kid seems to know about cards, some. FROM HAVING READ AND DIGESTED ALL MY FREAKIN' BOOKS, THAT IS! But the kid is full of psychobabble, and has probably been hitting the creme de menthe once too often.

All the same, I feel it might be time to hang up my gloves. So I'm offering a countdown.

I want your presentation of a Solayme Classic, on video, for my final countdown. This is number ten, so I await your offerings! I nominate Roland to go first, followed by Larry Horayne, (THAT LOW DOWN GOON)

I suggest you click this link before recording your Barry Solayme Classic Routine.



  1. William Shakespeare wasn't a novelist.

    1. No shit, Sherlock. It was a kinda joke.

      Everybody knows that Bill Shakespeare was a slapstick comic. You dumb schmuck.