Saturday, 30 June 2012

Andrew "F***ing" Burnakid? That guy needs to be STOPPED!!


First off, he's a freak! I wish I could say it in a better way, but if you cross magic with Canadian then..... THE MIND BOGGLES!

 Second off, the free citizens over at The Magic Cage have launched drone attacks on his ass. You all know the dangers of ignoring a fatwa?

Third off, we don't like his journalism. Why so honest, Mr Barnaby Kidder? Have some respect!
You asshole.

Fourth, and final, off: HE USES GODDAM CURSE WORDS TO SELL HIS FREAKIN COIN DVD's!!! That ass munching nerdy wurbler won't have as much pep in his sails when I've finished the rigging. No.

And that Al Schneider needs to watch his step too...



  1. Right on brother.... Amen!

    1. Hlie, yso ifnamuts seqwegeg. Wils ifanyrig yarslalaa wgrizt....

  2. Yeah, these guys need to learn from the capo, you know? Schneider.. Well, "I'm just sayin" :)

    It's all good.