Wednesday, 21 December 2011

It's Barry Solayme vs GGlumen!!!

The bell rings and they're out. GGlumen is circling calmly, but Solayme is throwing all kinds of wild shots. Some are connecting, but still GGlumen circles. Halfway through the round GGlumen begins to jab with his left. It's devastating for Solayme and his eye is beginning to open up.

Second round and the jabs are still coming thick and fast from GGlumen, while Solayme gnashes his teeth and waits for an opening. There it is! Solayme is flying in with the punches and suddenly GGlumen seems like a spent force.

Third round and the two seem evenly matched. There are some off color shots being landed, but referee Brooks seems disinclined to interveen.

Fourth round and the crowd is going wild. These two heavyweights are slugging it out and the place is a cacophony of catcalls, as Solayme fans start to tear up the seating. Fires are starting in the upper circle, and there is nothing to choose between these fighters.

Fifth round and it's declared a technical knock out! Admittedly, GGlumen was not present, having been in the bathroom adjusting his monocle, but Brooks declares unequivocally for Solayme.

New York triumphs over Baltimore, and the crowd goes wild.

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