Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Produce The Ace! A Solayme Classic

Hi folks,

Here is a taster from my new original publication, 'The Naked & the Dead'.


If working with a borrowed deck, quickly run through the pack, as if checking that there are a full 52 pasteboards in the deck. Secretly cull the four aces during this brief process.

Next, palm the top four cards into the right hand using the 'BS-One-Handed-Top-Palm', featured in the optional appendix ($27.78, PayPal the usual address). Now have the spectator shuffle the pack, while holding out the aces!

Now retrieve the pack, adding the palmed cards (using the 'BS-Retrieve-The-Palmed-Cards-Move', featured in "The Worst of Enemies" - $173.69, PayPal the usual).  Next, do an in-jogged overhand shuffle, proving the overall shufflededness of the borrowed deck.

Turn over the top card, showing an ace, and deal that sucker down to the table.

Repeat the original steps, three more times in succession, with ever increasing excitement guaranteed!


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