Sunday, 14 April 2013



Thinking of Kevin: fuck this noise.

Fuck all those malevolent, self-promoting, back-biting arrogant turds.

Cheers to the humble and unwieldy. Cheers to Roland for letting me loose, cheers to the readers. Both of 'em.

Sometimes, the Internet makes me cry.

And that's not,


PS Don't worry, Mr Donkey, it's the last ever post.

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Kevin, Max gave you the chance of a lifetime. stop whining.
It's up to you to get your sh*t together and
do this yourself, not with Max's help. He did his job, He opened the
door for you, now you must step through, and grow up.
No one here is going to do this for you.
Stop your whining and get yourself cleaned up and
your butt in gear. Not many people get a chance like you
have been given by Max. You are not even a member, you are a guest!
No one is going to hold your hand and walk you through this,
you have made some serious claims as to your abilities, now go
prove what you claim. Stop bragging, you talk the talk, but your vids
show otherwise. seriously, Sit down and write your lecture, practice your routines,
speaking LOUDLY, why? your voice in all your vids is weak and soft, with no projection or confidence.
If I went to a lecture where a speaker talked like you I would walk in a heartbeat. There is
no enthusiasm in your voice...ever...even your post are full of
negatives constantly crying and whining. You seriously need to grow up if you want to be recognized
as a Real Magi, and not some show off throwing names around like Ponta's. No on cares
about all your name dropping. It will get you no where in this life.
If you want people to take you serious, then you must ACT the part.

10,000 hours does not make you this so called Master.
good luck.

What a fucking prick.

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