Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Simon Lovell is genuinely unwell.

That naughty scamp has come a cropper. I don't really wish anyone harm, so I hope he recovers soon.

Oh, and if anyone ever wants to recreate the famous egg trick, it is described thusly, as performed by Keith Waterhouse:

"It involved borrowing from the management a biscuit tin lid, a pint pot of water, the sleeve from a box of matches and a raw egg. When he had the full attention of the right gathering of like-minded drinkers, the tin lid would be placed on top of the glass of water, the matchbox sleeve on top of the lid and the egg in the open end of the matchbox. The trick was to strike the edge of the tin lid with a shoe. The lid would then fly away, having caught the matchbox on its edge, the matchbox would topple over and deposit the intact egg in the pint of water – sometimes. Other times, the premises would be coated with raw egg."


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